Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Through developing sites like and we have an intrinsic knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) which is built into our development processes and CMS systems.

We introduce an SEO specialist at a very early stage of the project to devise an overall strategy for a client, both in terms of the immediate project and on an ongoing basis. This includes on-the-page and off-the-page techniques, keyword analysis, link building, content creation etc...

Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) can also be an effective method of obtaining traffic and this will be carefully considered in any strategy.

How much of the budget will be dedicated to this will be decided on together during the scoping phase of a project, and will depend on exactly what the client wants to achieve, combined with the long term internal resources available. Generally speaking the most cost effective route long terms is for a professionally developed strategy to be implemented in house, and overseen by a professional. This is opposed to everything being carried out directly by the specialist.

One very important point to raise here is that an SEO/PPC strategy must be part of a wider strategy about bringing traffic to the website from a diverse range of sources (e.g. direct links from other sites, social media, mailing lists, repeat traffic etc…). This is particularly relevant any business is going to be 100% internet based.

The reason for this is that SEO in particular is a very fickle animal; search engines often change their algorithms meaning a websites rankings can go up or down over night. If these rankings drop, even only in a minor way, it can have a big impact on traffic levels and therefore sales. If 90% of your traffic and therefore customers come to the site through this method then the risk is massive, particularly in your case for example where your business is likely to be seasonal (i.e. if this happened in October, and you only recovered rankings by December, a significant chunk of the whole year’s sales would be affected).
See here for an article which explains a bit more about the different types of traffic we would help you target, and the kind of breakdown you should be aiming for.

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