First class support service

One of our key strengths is our ongoing support service, and we like to think of ourselves as offering a gold level service in this respect.

Many of our clients are continually developing their systems, and have unpredictable day to day needs where our help and support is needed.

We pride ourselves on our fast response times and availability; we are generally always visible on Skype, or contactable by phone or email should you need anything doing or just have a question. We aim to implement what you need doing just as quickly.

Importantly we don’t tie our customers into ongoing support contracts for anything, we simply work based on an hourly/daily rate, and use a project management system to track this. This creates the transparency and levels of trust that help the relationship thrive over the long term.

Providing a highly personal and responsive service, over the long term, is something we place real value on. We feel this is a very different approach to most other agencies.

If you are interested in any of the services mentioned above please do get in touch with us today at the Skiff in Brighton. You can either call us on 01273 603995, or email us at