Content management systems

Our background has typically been in developing bespoke applications using ASP.NET and SQL server, and these sites would come with our own Content Management System (CMS) which has been developed over many years.

Our experience over the years has been that more often than not the client would choose a bespoke solution rather than an off the shelf Content Management System. This is because the generic functionality the off the shelf Content Management Systems provided wasn’t part of the brief, or because major components would need reworking to fit with the business model. A bespoke application is modelled exactly around the business objectives of a project, as opposed to trying to fit these objectives around pre-existing software.

Whilst this is still often the case, in recent times, as these off the shelf Content Management Systems have matured, we have seen a significant shift towards developing solutions using one of the many off the shelf systems which exist such as NopCommerce, Sitefinity, Umbraco, or WordPress.

Exactly which one we choose for a project depends on the individual needs of the client, the project, and its budget. Some clients for example need a specific technology, or have a preference for a specific CMS due to experience with it. Some projects will have requirements that can be broadly fulfilled by one type of CMS “out of the box” (so minimal effort), whereas others will have such unique features not included in the CMS that the priority becomes a CMS in which these features can be most efficiently and effective built.

The point is we choose exactly the right tool for the job in question, as we aren’t tied to one particular technology or solution. This is a discussion we have openly with clients as part of any project, and we make a decision on this together.

If you are interested in any of the Content Management Systems mentioned above please do get in touch with us today at the Skiff in Brighton. We can very quickly help you determine which option might be best for you, and in most cases we have demo sites of platforms setup which you can have a play around on to see what you might be getting. You can either call us on 01273 603995, or email us at